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Reclaim Alberta is building a people powered movement to hold oil and gas companies to account—cleaning up aging, polluting infrastructure and putting people back to work in every corner of the province.

Sign on to tell the Alberta government we want polluters to pay to clean up their own toxic legacy.




The sun is setting on Alberta’s crude oil and natural gas industries and there are real limits to how much carbon we can responsibly produce from bitumen. The inevitable consequences of these facts can only be escaped by shifting away from fossil fuels and finally cleaning up the environmental legacy of a century’s poorly regulated oil and gas development: 450,000+ oil and gas wells, 431,000+ km of pipelines (the distance to the moon is 384,000 km), 110,000+ oil and gas  facilities.

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Imagine a province where polluters are held accountable and industry is carefully regulated to protect the public and our environment. Imagine tens of thousands of struggling oilfield workers not just going back to work, but also helping to chart a just transition from Alberta’s carbon economy to a fossil free future. There are decades of reclamation work in every corner of the province. Albertans will have the opportunity to work where they grew up, where their families are, allowing them to return to their hometowns, their farms, and their ranches.

The age of drilling and exploration is coming to an end. Alberta’s future is RECLAMATION.

“The ART of Reclaiming Alberta” is a detailed plan to put Alberta back to work cleaning up the oil and gas industry’s mess. ART calls for a wide-scale, industry-funded reclamation of Alberta’s aging and expired oil and gas infrastructure organized and funded through an Alberta Reclamation Trust (ART). We are building a public movement to take on the world’s richest and most powerful industry—protecting urrent and future generations from the massive scale of Alberta’s unfunded oilfield liabilities.


The scale and urgency of Alberta’s reclamation crisis is clear. The responsibility of the polluters is not in doubt. The practical question is how to escape the industry and regulators’ cycle of denial and collusion. Putting Albertans back to work cleaning up 100 years of oil and gas development will fuel full-employment for decades. The same workers and equipment currently idle and on sale could return to the field, reinvigorating the economy in every corner of the province and helping support a just transition from Alberta’s carbon economy.

RAFT puts Alberta back to work reclaiming and protecting our environment;

RAFT helps protect current and future generations from Alberta’s massive unfunded oilfield liability;

RAFT jobs are GREEN;

RAFT re-charts Alberta’s course towards a fossil fuel free future.

As the first step towards reducing Alberta’s dependence on fossil fuels as our primary source of income we must embrace our current environmental deficit.
Tackling this problem will the biggest environmental project in Canadian history. It will take decades of effort and every willing Canadian to clean up the mess.

But we must act now.


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