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Recent Articles

Canadians Should Be on Red Alert over Alberta Redwater Energy Case

It’s time for Albertans to wake up! Alberta’s Energy Regulator estimates our oilpatch has accumulated $260 billion in unfunded cleanup liabilities.

The ART of Reclaiming Alberta

Reclaim Alberta's proposal for an Alberta Reclamation Trust to organize and fund the urgently needed cleanup of aging and expired oil and gas infrastructure.

Bankruptcy for Profit in Alberta’s Oilpatch

The sordid tale of Lexin Resource Ltd. and the dire lessons about what kind of future Alberta faces without major reforms. Published by the National Observer.

Ralph Klein’s Multibillion Dollar Liability is About to Blow Up in Alberta’s Face

Part one of a two part series exploring the history and evolution of Alberta's reclamation crisis. Published by the National Observer.

Who Should Pay to Clean Up the Oilpatch’s Alberta Mess?

Part two, originally published by the National Observer.


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